About Us

Recrea Service & consulting is a small Spanish ltd company, founded in 2005 by two Belgian expats, Chris De Houwer and Elke Lambrechts, who after owning successful businesses in Belgium, decided to seek a new challenge under the Spanish Sun.

Our mission statement is 'to create unique experiences for our clients'.

As destination wedding and event planners, we've created unique experiences for hundreds of couples and their guests, travelling from all over the world to Spain to celebrate their wedding or renewal of their vows.

We've always been at the forefront of the digital transformation, and since long have created online platforms and apps to make it easy and stress-free for our couples and their guests to plan their dream wedding in Spain.

As professional wedding and event planners, our online systems ensure that we never forget something, and have all the documents and notes at hand, 24/7, whenever and wherever we need them.

But finding an app that does the same for our private lives, has proven to be impossible.
Both in our fifties, the existing apps on our smartphones are creating increasingly more frustration, due to the constant switching between apps, scrolling, and zooming in to be able to read the small text and buttons.

So we decided to create it.

One app, that works on all platforms, computers, tablets and smart phones, and does it all.

After almost 2 years of development, SmartPlan24 is ready, and we're thrilled that it will create a unique experience for all its users.